Premium WordPress Help

When you need assistance with your WP site. We're here for you.

If you're in need of WordPress support services for your service-based business's website, we have you covered. We offer premium WP help and support for immediate relief of issues that you may be experiencing with your WordPress website including; WP core + theme + plugin updates, website & host migrations, hacked website repair, website recovery, and more.


We start with the most Advanced WordPress Theme on the market.


We keep things to a minimum and only use a set of core and premium WordPress plugins.


Website security is not an after thought with us. Security is baked into everything we do.

We offer premium WordPress help to assist with emergencies or one off jobs.


Complete Website Review

Complete analysis of your website and hosting. This is our exhaustive website review that also includes our Security Audit and Speed Audit services. We'll provide a full report outlining our findings and recommended fix actions rated from high to low of importance.

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(does not include e-commerce)


WordPress + Theme + Plugins

With our complete update service we’ll bring WordPress core, active theme, and installed plugins up to date with the latest released versions. After your website has been fully updated we'll test your website and ensure no errors or issues are present. We'll also provide a post update report with details and possible suggestions.

(does not include e-commerce or bloggers)

Looking for WP website maintenance?

Check out our amazing WordPress website maintenance plan.

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old host --> New Host = Happy

Site migrations? Yep we do those. But we do them correctly and ensure as little down time as possible. We thoroughly prepare for the migration, performing backups, exports, traffic analysis, and so on. We even schedule migrations during your off peak hours and low traffic times, normally while your customers are sleeping, but not us. We thoroughly test your sites functionality and follow up when we're complete.

(does not include e-commerce or bloggers)


Hacked Website

If your website has been compromised by malware or has been hacked, our security experts will work to get your site cleaned up and back online as quickly as possible.

(does not include e-commerce or bloggers)

Site Recovery

If your website is down, white screened, or showing error messages because of recent updates or possibly a misconfiguration we can get your site back up in no time.

(does not include e-commerce or bloggers)

Other Issues

Get in touch with us and let us know what kind of issue you're experiencing. WordPress is complex and many things can go wrong, we're here to help.

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(does not include e-commerce or bloggers)

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